Our Skills:


All our work stems from the deep desire to apply our minds. And all good creative work is backed up by sound strategic thinking. Creating an edge over your competition is no mean feat. It takes a deep understanding of the self.

We work in close strategic partnership with you. We help you discover what is truly great about your business. We focus on distilling your offer into a succinct, powerful hook. And then we find the best way to tell the world your unique story.

Research : We extensively explored early concepts in development, typography, colours schemes and iconography

Brainstorming : Going back to the essence of Microbiology in order to deliver a fresh and coherent brand identity
Planning : The integrated campaign carried various streams for both format and audience
Extensive research : We conducted a number of workshops and focus groups with key management staff. We also ran an online survey for all employees. The results of the research informed the creative process.


Nobody gets anywhere useful without asking for directions. We undertake two primary types of research designed to extract the truth about your brand. This consists of qualitative research – as in focus groups with less than a dozen people. Another method is via one to one interviews, either face to face, or to far flung places over the globe. Qualitative is good for building emotional intelligence around your brand.

The second methodology is quantitative research – conducted with greater numbers and either applied to your staff or your customers. This type of research is more analytical and most likely results in survey reporting or infographics. Quant, as it’s called, can also be really effective for bringing your staff on board as an employee engagement exercise at the start of a branding journey.

The strategic framework

Armed with the market knowledge, we are able to create the framework on which your brand message is carried. We look at your market sector and your competitive threats and create a brand which is based on your true strengths. Truth is important in building a brand. It creates an authentic experience which resonates with your audiences, building trust and ultimately loyalty. We create a strategic roadmap, isolating your values, your mission and your vision. All this thinking is wrapped up in a key recommendations document, so that we can lay the foundations for your brand’s future.

Brand positioning : Inspired by the research workshops, we came up with the brand's strategic proposition message of 'Collaboration through positive aggression'


We articulate what we call your “hook”. This is the key proposition around which all your activities pivot. We develop the key messages which clearly communicate your point of difference. We segment your audiences and then tailor your messages accordingly. We substantiate your key proposition with a series of value statements. We call these the ‘pillars of reason’, because they hold up your primary argument. We unearth your values, using human qualities to create a unique tone of voice, designed to cut through the glut of corporate diatribe. All these ingredients form the basis of your brand strategy and are wholly designed to make your good, great.


Once we understand your audiences and your positioning, we can develop your brand messaging. Messaging means copywriting, yet with a more focused strategic approach. Key messages are used across all your product lines and are carefully tailored for audiences and target sectors. Brand messaging is translated into a creative brief for the next leg of the creative journey.

Naming : Re-positioning the brand as 'DONG Energy for Business' adds gravitas to the company. Previously known as DONG Energy Sales, an incredibly competitive marketplace called for a more SEO-friendly name.
Naming : Amongst a number of concepts we settled upon the communication brand name Enterprising Minds