Our Skills:


One glance at our body of work, and you’ll quickly notice the quality of design through imagery and storytelling. Our campaign and communications work focuses on creating impactful and memorable visuals. We have found that our strategic approach adapts perfectly into the world of planning and communications.

We distil all marketing intent into a few choice words backed up by powerful, unique imagery. We find this uncomplicated yet profound approach repeatedly delivers great results for our clients.

Electric energy : The combination of real student imagery and creative post production creates an engaging and moody virtual environment

Art Direction

The knack to creating resonance with your audiences is all about communicating with authenticity. Art Direction is a creative process where the designer builds a visual universe which communicates a big idea in the most believable terms. This means creating bespoke imagery with a large emphasis on believability. The audience needs to be able to project their own existence into what you are trying to say. At the same time, it can’t be dull as it needs to stand out from the crowd. The balance comes from creating something authentic yet unique. We have worked with the finest photographers and illustrators in creating striking visual narratives.

Sporting moments : The idea behind the concept - Sportingbet dominates the field, no matter your environment or location. This is the London south bank and Sportingbet owned imagery.
Memorable : The extensive placement of media on the Tube combined with the broad use of varying assets created a recognisable and striking campaign


The copywriter’s job is about taking the most complex idea and cramming it into as few words as possible. At the same time, they need to be evocative enough to inspire. Our skills in brand messaging enable us to take a core proposition and speak about it in an entirely fresh and approachable way. And it’s from this bedrock, that we create our campaign copy content. Always relevant. Always on point.


A well designed piece of print will always carry a sense of kudos and value. The Firedog studio has cut its teeth on a healthy diet of hard copy creative. We have a wide portfolio of print and corporate communications. It’s always important for businesses to carry credibility with a strong printed piece. It also works really well in a space where people just don’t have the time to mess around with technology. It’s immediate and emotional. Print can be super effective in the sales process, getting people hooked on its tactile appearance.

3D conceptual visualisation and post production

Using industry standard tools, we have in-house capabilities for rendering concepts in three dimensions. These elements can be coupled with imagery for some impressive campaign work and animation. Merging imagery, 3D forms and other graphic elements is called post production – the post coming from “after the shoot”. We like to create unique visual identities by really exploiting our kit.

A brand extension : The publication was required to sit alongside other Munich Re communications. However, we created a strong point of difference by creating an abstract image led look and feel.
Creative thinking : The concept behind the campaign inverts the preconceptions of the common association with Matryoshka dolls. The idea being that the largest of the dolls is the smallest or youngest.