Our Skills:


We are vastly experienced in the world of brand creation. With over 12 years in the trade and over 60 branding projects under our belt, we believe our knowledge and skills in this arena are unbeatable. We add value right from the early stages of a brand’s lifecycle flexing core skills such as naming and the crafting of custom type marks. We have a real passion for iconography and the esoteric art of storytelling through symbolism.

Our work has also delivered great return on investment for existing brands looking to renew and refresh their visual identities. We have pioneered the adaptation of brand experience into the online arena, creating vibrant digital identities.


The choice of brand name matters. It is the most transferable brand asset with the broadest reach. It can be rendered in spoken word, ascii text and 6 foot high lettering. While the rules are loose and change according to era, some core fundamentals remain: Make it snappy, make it unique and don’t be too clever.

Our process of naming involves starting with broad conceptual avenues related closely to the values established in our early strategic work. And once we both agree on a conceptual thread, only then do we open out again and look at varying options. It’s important for naming to be governed by order. You’ll never have confidence in your brand name if you picked it out a hat.

Naming : We developed conceptual avenues around collaboration and created a number of naming strategies for the branding of the software product.
Naming : We created the master plan brand alongside the subsequent three sub-brands within the family.

The brand mark

This piece of work is commonly referred to as the logo. At Firedog, we specialise in the creation of absolutely one-off pieces of work. All our creative endeavours in brand creation stem from the tip of a pencil. We apply our inventive minds in creating marks which challenge you. All the typography we create has been hand crafted to ensure complete individuality. The creation of iconography further strengthens the brand name and acts as a subconscious mnemonic which implants its image on your audience’s minds.

Symbol development : Our first thought was to turn the symbol on its head. We felt that the narrow element orientated downwards would be more aggressive. It would also be the natural way that the flint hand axe would be held.
Brand icon : The golden arrow was combined with the DJ initial device, which seemed to come from another dimension. This juxtaposition of form within one brand both lends itself well to the medium and also creates a unique look.
Design in print : The deliverables included a full set of corporate stationery, folders and datasheets

Visual identity

The look and feel of a brand system is known as its visual identity. You should be able to grab any branded material, cover up the logo and still get a sense of the brand behind the communication. The skill in creating a visual identity comes down to curating a set of ingredients that, when mixed together, create an evocative and memorable system. Our identities rely on conceptual threads which marry graphic devices and imagery to articulate a visual representation of the brand story. And they also simply look superb.

Experience design

Brands in our modern era need to perform beyond their two dimensional origins and set of promises. Experience design is the process of designing an environment around a user’s experience. This can be applied both to the “real” physical world, and also to the online “virtual” world. The work may encompass a business process (the environmental design of an airport lounge). It can also be a transactional process (buying the plane tickets before you get to the airport). The methodology behind each is similar, with the net result of reducing the friction as much as possible. This increases the likelihood of a positive experience. Good experience design in small brands (when compared to larger, lazy brands) is entirely disruptive. We share ownership beyond brand creation by helping clients maintain positive brand experience into other key materials.

Vibrant look and feel : We offset the black primary colour of the brand with an imagery style showing people in dynamic poses. The rainbow colour grad adds to the effect.


Once all the hard work in the branding process is wrapped up, the task of managing its implementation becomes the next concern. This stage is formalised with the creation of a set of guidelines. Traditional guidelines tend to be a little restrictive. We like to think of these guides as the starting point for creativity, not necessarily a system designed to restrict. With this in mind, our brand guidelines illustrate the strategic outlook of the brand: its tone, its spirit and best practise.

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