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Vitruvian Partners is an independent private equity firm based in Mayfair, London. The business specialises in middle-market buyouts, growth buyouts and growth capital investments in the UK and elsewhere in Northern Europe.

A perfect balance of creative vision and entrepreneurship

The founders of Vitruvian wanted to express the importance of maintaining a synergy between their management team’s entrepreneurial spirit and the financial institutions involved within the deal making processes. The brand identity and subsequent visual strategy had to reflect and underpin these core principals.

Vitruvian have grown dynamically, from a start up of three to a respected equity business where the first fund created by the business closed at 925 million Euros.

Firedog developed a suite of key messages that were based on concept of “A Perfect Balance”. These in turn were supported by associated brand imagery. The logo symbol itself is a reflection of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man drawings and notes, without the associated cliché factor. Stripped down to its very basics, the inverted pyramid is both balanced and harmonious. The brand also conveys a slightly mystical feel, which creates intrigued and alludes to the skill behind the trade.

The resulting brand language is a cohesive and stylish representation of the core beliefs distilled within the Vitruvian Partners team. Once the brand look and feel was established, primary applications and the website were also produced by Firedog.

WORDS: firedog