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Unspun is a different kind of PR agency. Their core value? Remove the spin so commonly associated with stories.

A playful identity created for a straight-talking PR agency.

A quest to rid the world of ‘spin’

The founders of Unspun set out to create a communications agency based on their belief that honesty and authenticity deliver the best results. In their quest to rid the world of ‘spin’, Firedog was approached to produce a brand that reflected that ethos.

Ensuring memorability and immediate brand positioning, Firedog’s playful ‘spider’ identity sat perfectly with the client’s against-the-grain approach. Removed from it’s web and stripped of ‘spin’, the spider logo appears in vibrant block colours aside clean typography and straight-talking copy. While bland and traditional made way for bold and eye-catching, a key consideration was that their serious approach to business was not lost.

Conceptual development : We explored the themes around spin and the more obvious creative avenues - Such as spun materials, silk and the like
Strategic thinking : Unspun has a unique proposition around removing the spin from PR and communications. This led us to developing strategic ideas on how best to carry this message in a memorable way

With this in mind a precise set of guidelines were created, acting as essential reference in taking the identity forward and protecting the brand’s core qualities. Additionally, multiple versions of the main stationery suite were created utilising the more neutral colours from the identity. These extra versions ensure that whoever the company is talking to, the tone of the communication will be just right.

WORDS: firedog