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The RI

The Royal Institution is an organisation that has a 209 year history. Known across the world for its involvement in science, it has made scientists such as Michael Faraday household names, been home to 14 Nobel Prize winners and has supported the discovery of 10 chemical elements from the periodic table.

Branded communications : We based the language of the communications on the RI logo symbol. The majority of printed material was to be printed in a square format with a coloured border around the perimeter.
Events and weddings : Two of the key publications involved the generation of bespoke imagery, even to the point of staging an artificial wedding reception in the middle of a standard RI function.
Layout creativity : The publications, once based on a formal grid, could playfully use dynamic imagery crops and varied layouts.

The RI, situated in Albemarle Street in the heart of London’s West End, recently undertook a major facelift to the tune of £20 million. Firedog’s strategy is to couple the new look institution with publications that stimulate and engage a dynamic audience. The task at hand is to elevate the venue from a mere scientific institution into a daily destination for a broad spectrum of the public. The key publication for the RI is the ‘What’s on’ guide, a DL brochure featuring upcoming events, which we deliver on a seasonal basis. We followed up with the design of Venue Hire, Wedding, General and Educational brochures. In addition to print design, we have also facilitated a number of photoshoots in order to capture and communicate the beauty of their newly refurbished Mayfair premises.

The resulting suite of publications raise the standard of the Royal Institution’s communications, setting the expectations for a contemporary institution with a future orientated vision.

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