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Skills Online Group

Skills Online Group offers ground-breaking online education for the creative and marketing communications sectors.

Firedog was commissioned to work collaboratively with Skills Online Group to create a young, vibrant, stimulating visual identity for the brand – to include a master brand and 9 sub brands, colour palette, typography, visual look and feel, illustrations, imagery, course iconography, website page template designs, broadcast collateral and offline print materials.

Web front end : The resulting front end, although quite busy, is structured and user centred.
Communications : The use of colour and text within both panels and white backgrounds helps break up and simplify the communications.

The sub brands were differentiated through use of a solid multi-colour palette. The subsequent visual look and feel was developed using a light-hearted illustration style, coupled with imagery of the target audience.This was combined with a family of key value statements – the resulting visual language can be found peppered throughout the collateral and the website. A full offline and online stationery suite was completed, encompassing a user-friendly e-newsletter template ensuring consistency of the brand.

The final design stages involved exhibition collateral development and front end digital design – whereby all approved logos, illustrations, imagery, graphic devices and hand-crafted course iconography were fully implemented across 5 core page templates. The page designs were passed through thorough accessibility and usability checks to ensure best practice in design. across all mediums.

Skills Online Group launched August 2010 and has received a very positive reaction to it’s entry into the e-Learning community. The brand has been described as energetic, engaging, youthful and fresh – right on brief!

WORDS: firedog