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Rocudo is a web enabled technology geared towards the music industry. It allows labels, artists and music fans to download easy-to-use remixing software for your desktop and rapidly compiles remixes on the fly. These mixes can then be intelligently published into a series of widgets which can be shared and virally distributed across the web.

Creating a disruptive music technology brand

Due to the consumer-led nature and impressionable taste of the music technology sector, we were tasked with developing a brand that was contemporary yet still had its roots firmly in the music business. Although Firedog has extensive web 2.0 technology experience, instead of developing just another clichéd glossy technology logo, we ensured Rocudo communicates a brand that is driven, intelligent and stable. We also conducted usability analysis on the core Rocudo software product with a view to streamlining and optimising the user experience.

Initial icon : We looked at working with the R initial, but felt we were missing a trick with communicating the product magic.
Conceptual thinking : We were given the name Rocudo to start with - And quickly set our minds in motion around creating conceptual themes that explored the business offer.

The branding for Rocudo is both progressive and classic. The icon, a hybrid adaptation of a reel-to-reel device, is easily memorable and strong enough to reduce well across the web medium. Supporting this brand language is a strong look and feel underpinned by the colour black which creates a sleek and sophisticated impression. The software interface design marries simplicity with a tangible, good looking feel, without overwhelming the end user. We were careful to make sure that the positioning of the product was sufficiently approachable yet serious enough to come across as a serious market mover.

With 12000 free users from over 100 countries to date, full social network integration and major partnership deals with leading online music brands – Rocudo is poised to revolutionise the music business.

WORDS: firedog