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Munich Re

Munich Reinsurance is a major player in the reinsurance industry based in Munich, Germany, with offices throughout the world.

Structured corporate communications

Firedog spent over five years as lead communications agency for the UK operation of Munich Reinsurance. We produced a raft of print materials, from product specific brochures, to newsletters and partnership publications. We were very disciplined, creatively speaking, as we had to work diligently within the German global guidelines.

Light in play for Great Lakes

Great Lakes wanted to inject enthusiasm and passion into their Portraits brochure, and show the industry that they are an innovative company with a very distinct point of difference.

Great Lakes were in a unique position of being a part of the Munich Re Group, and Firedog hinged the creative around that partnership. After a successful pitch for the brochure, Firedog presented a range of stunning concepts. The chosen concept of transmission was a rendition of the communication which passes between the consumer and Munich Re through the services of Great Lakes. A studio photographer was commissioned for a two day shoot to attain the light based imagery. A number of different techniques were employed in order to generate light patterns across a varying series of art images. Props included everything from a toy light sabre to a digital projection on to steel bars. For the portraiture imagery, we turned to Battersea Park in south London, for it’s warm and interesting lighting environment.

Knowledge series : We released around a dozen editions of the primary publication, making sure we kept a keen eye on consistency and editorial style.
Editorial control : We made sure that we rendered the layouts according to strict guidelines, yet allowed for design elements which helped break up the content.

Firedog has subsequently sent to press five editions of the internal communications brochure entitled Reflections, a graduate brochure and the beautifully photographed Portraits brochure. Ultimately this has created a vibrant perception of Munich Re within a very traditional industry.

Covering London

The purpose of the Munich Reinsurance General Branch Portraits Brochure is to allow Munich Re’s clients to understand who works in various departments and to give contact details for each person.

Firedog wanted to inject interest into the brochure and developed a strategy where the reader is engaged to read the brochure and also to hand it on to others. Firedog’s recommendation was to focus on locations within London that illustrated ‘coverage’ – this was a metaphor of how Munich Re covers the interests of their clients. Combining location shoots and stock imagery, each location had informative insights into London many people may not already know, ensuring the brochure offered value to as wide a spectrum of people as possible. To add additional value to the brochure and draw attention to Munich Re’s present activities, Firedog recommended relevant and current topics such as the 2012 Olympics to give true value to the copy. The brochure was given longevity by the use of a pocket that kept the employee information. If this needed to be updated, it was a simple case of replacing an A4 data sheet rather than replacing the entire publication.

The result is a formal yet engaging publication that not only informs the reader of Munich Re’s capabilities, but also about handy little known facts of London’s heritage.

Communicating partnership with Allfinanz

Firedog was asked to produce a brochure that would illustrate the new relationship that Munich Re enjoys with Allfinanz. The pioneering technology created by Allfinanz that is revolutionising the reinsurance industry had to be symbolised from start to finish.


Firedog understood the most important element of the relationship with Allfinanz was how the technology is going to save Munich Re time and money in the long term. Therefore, we selected imagery of modern aspects of working life. Motion photography of a city landscape injected a sense of momentum, whilst zoomed in imagery of LCD’s and elevators reinforced the modern methodologies being adopted. Firedog was then responsible for the timely delivery of the print files that were urgently required in Shanghai. The brochure was given longevity by the use of a pocket that kept the employee information.

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