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Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom is a leading independent data, voice and Internet Service provider, specialising in supplying wholesale satellite and international carrier services in developing countries.

a number of years. Recently, we were asked to refresh the brand identity in line with a change in business strategy.

Firedog has worked with Liquid Telecom for a number of years. Recently, we were asked to refresh the brand identity in line with a change in business strategy. Liquid have moved from a purely retail telecoms offer to a far more infrastructure and fibre telecoms offer, now heavily involved in creating fibre and satellite networks across sub-Saharan Africa. The new identity needed to stay true to its heritage, yet align to the new business product values. In addition, the brand has come under competition from a number of informal operators, and thus the brand needs to convey qualities of control and order.

The refreshes identity icon utilises an almost identical typographic footprint to the previous brand. We pulled back on the liquid look and feel (Somewhat confusing in the African markets, where it has been confused with water utility businesses). The new brand contains an abstract fibre device which conveys the new business offer. We retained the blue brand colour, which has proven to be highly recognisable across the brand applications. To support the new brand we have developed a graphic flow-like supporting visual language, a new imagery look & feel and a comprehensive toolkit which covered applications such as above the line advertising, events and vehicle graphics.

Liquid Telecom continues to dominate it’s markets and the brand brings a level of perceived quality which the competition is finding a challenge to match.

Paybay identity


Liquid Telecom has developed new and innovative software for terminals which allow consumers to make electronic payments at a shop terminal. These include credit and debit card processing, pre-paid mobile phone top-up and household bill payments. Firedog were tasked with developing a very easily recognisable icon that could be easily recalled within Africa’s visually kaleidoscopic and busy marketplace.

Following empirical research of existing signage in the market, we concentrated on crafting a device that was both simple and striking. The colours reflect Liquid Telecom’s brand palette and the style of the logo design ensures ease of production and high-visibility. Print production and finishing vary from region to region so the logo needed to be easily reproduced with basic print standards.

Paired with the graphic was an easy to remember name for the product that was designed to be phonetically strong. The symbol itself quickly communicates what the payment terminal can offer to the end user without the consumer needing to understand the meaning of the words.

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