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Legal & General

Legal & General are one of the UK’s top 50 companies in the FTSE 100 index. They are responsible for investing over £250 billion worldwide on behalf of investors, policyholders and institutions.

Firedog joined the Legal & General design roster for a period of two years, creating numerous tactical and creative campaigns

Firedog has undertaken many design for print projects for various sectors of the business – Housing, Annuities and Protection, and Wealth Management. Firedog’s creativity has spanned from A5 flyers to 16 page brochures, posters, banner stands and campaign development.

Creating unique campaigns with market differentiation

Perhaps our favourite of these is our development of a campaign to drive Legal and General’s Inheritance Tax Planning products. We created a very unusual visual language with quirky matryoshka dolls on a bright red background. Firedog’s expertise fits perfectly with Legal and General’s requirement to stay within their strict corporate guidelines, whilst adding panache and creativity to every project. Firedog delivered a number of brochures and print communications  over a period of two years – All commissioned by marketing departments across the company.

Engaging mortgage lenders through communications

Firedog was asked to generate the name of the newsletter and develop a fresh design approach for the Mortgage Lender’s literature. Legal & General needed to create communications literature that would feature the smaller mortgage lenders from their panel and ensure that they were giving these lenders an opportunity to promote themselves.

Vibrant : The publication purposely uses a great deal of full page imagery in order to create an interesting and structured read.
Image and layout : We used combinations of clear white space and people focussed imagery to convey the content in an accessible format.

Hence the name that Firedog developed, ‘Spectrum’. The name focuses on the diversity of lenders and products whilst reinforcing the new ‘band of colour’ branding concept. Firedog decided to create a newsletter in a brochure format which would look and feel like it had substance and was not just another newsletter easily discarded. We wanted to create something that offered standout and felt valuable. We remained within the Legal & General brand guidelines but were still able to create a newsletter which was fresh, colourful and differentiated. The success of the initial print publication called for the creation of three extra editions.

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