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Geotate started out as a joint venture between Phillips and NXP semiconductors. Subsequent to the firedog brand identity, it was sold to larger tech firm U-Blox for around 5.5 million Euros.

A vibrant software brand created for Philips/NXP

A cutting-edge technology has been developed by Geotate, an innovation unit of NXP that’s set to revolutionise the location tagging of digital images.

The technology instantly captures geographic data when an image is shot, and automatically pins it to a map thereby creating the geotag. Firedog were tasked with creating the full brand identity and communication material for Geotate’s global launch at the international PMA show in Las Vegas in March 2008.

Firedog created an identity using striking pin iconography – a visual representation of a geotag pinning down digital information to a geographic point. It also speaks the language of tagging digital content online, with a rich tri-colour palette that creates considerable stand out. As a platform brand, it needed to work for multiple audiences, both B2B and consumer, and the descriptor ‘auto geotagging’ was created to speak to new industries as the technology evolves over time. This positioning was then combined with a consumer-led proposition of ‘capturing the moment’ to focus the brand communication on the digital imagery industry. This consumer proposition emphasises the lifestyle benefit of Geotate auto geotagging technology – it enriches digital imagery by authenticating memories captured on camera – we can ‘relive the moment’ by recording the exact location of our experiences.

After about a year in operation the brand value grew to the point it was sold to consumer GPS operator, Ublox for 5.5m Euro

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