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Epigeum. An e-learning publisher of online e-courses for global universities and research institutions backed by the Imperial College, London.

Firedog was asked to create a unique product identity and look and feel for launching three virtual learning environments  – each a self contained portal for students to register access and complete e-learning courses online.

Site strategy : The first step in our remit was to aid the marketing process by including a key proposition and alternating value statements. We also consulted with the client, breaking all their course materials into four key audiences.

Visual appeal : We wanted to give a slick appeal to the product families - hence we introduced a strong colour schema and rendered packages.
Visual appeal : We wanted to give a slick appeal to the product families - hence we introduced a strong colour schema and rendered packages.

The aim of the project was to create a family of e-learning products under the Epigeum umbrella, with a visual look and feel treatment and unique product identity tailored to the three virtual learning environments (VLEs), each with a different subject and audience.

Firedog first created wireframes to plan the user journeys, focusing on engaging messaging to help students easily register and start their courses. This established a design template for creating an overall ‘Epigeum’ look and feel, which was tailored with strong product identity icons and a bespoke illustrative treatment to uniquely position the three VLEs with their respective audiences; undergraduates, post graduates, and medical researchers.

The design included a course ‘dashboard’ to enable students to visually monitor and track progress through courses, and access a downloadable certificate ‘released’ on course completion. Firedog’s solution has enabled Epigeum to continue to develop new e-learning products by using a design template to roll out new virtual learning environments.

Firedog continues to support Epigeum and has delivered a raft of further work, including the re-design of the Imperial College Business School’s e-learning environment.

Corporate website

After creating a family of e-learning products for Epigeum, Firedog was briefed to redesign the Epigeum website. Epigeum had begun to penetrate international markets (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and they needed their website to reflect the international direction of the company and reflect their hi-tech approach to e-learning.

Epigeum provide online skills courses for higher education. Their e-learning courses are purchased by universities and research institutions to incorporate as part of their e-learning offer, thus Epigeum need to target decision makers at major educational institutions globally. Firedog was briefed to design the look and feel of the Epigeum website to appeal to the core target user and promote the high-quality products available. The new look and feel needed to be top-end, to reassure customers that the e-learning course provider they choose is up-to-date with the latest technologies and in-line with the standards set by top-tier clients such as Imperial College London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Firedog enhanced the corporate website with a bold use of imagery, audio visual elements and brighter, user-friendly colour palette. The new site reflects the long-standing academic tradition of established institutions, with a modern edge. This achieves the necessary stand out in a staid market and gives a truly hi-tech, international feel.

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