Case Study: DONG Energy UK

Shifting public consensus on Offshore Wind

DONG Energy is a multinational Danish company with a market capital of £250 million in the UK alone and a world leader in offshore wind power.

Shifting consensus : From our discovery process, it quickly became known that public opinion was formed on a bedrock of emotion and biased opinion. Our task was to gently shift perception to a more balanced viewpoint, very much underpinned by factual storytelling.
Noise : Early market research identified the general public opinion on wind power. There were a number of general themes that needed to be addressed before the UK would adopt it as a perceived viable source of power.

DONG Energy UK commissioned Firedog to create a nationwide campaign that would inform public opinion and promote offshore wind.

A multitude of themes arise when discussing offshore wind. Through extensive internal and external research, we extracted those that would most effectively target the thinking British public. As an outcome of the research process, we decided that the campaign should capitalise on a sense of British pride and awe. It would combine our rich pioneering heritage with our engineering excellence. We adapted Caspar David Friedrich’s key Romantic painting, “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,” and created a seascape dotted with wind turbines.

In the first month alone, the microsite received 11.3 thousand unique users.

Presenting the turbines as integral to the natural landscape aims to combat an aversion to change. As Friedrich’s painting epitomises the Romantic fascination with feelings of awe, our print campaign presents the turbines as objects of wonder. The copy strategically aligns with this sense of power and innovation. We designed and built a microsite to work alongside the campaign. It addresses each theme in greater depth and seeks to target a wide audience through a range of interactive and informative content.

In the first month alone, the microsite received 11.3 thousand unique users. Prominent political figures championed the campaign during Party conferences and following targeted Westminster publicity.

The papers : Specific press publications in both the national press - Financial Times, Guardian, The Times, Telegraph - and regional press - in operative areas such as Grimsby, Hull, Liverpool, Hornsea and the North West - were adapted to target key audience segments.
Vignettes : In order to visually connect the editorial content to the campaign visual, we commissioned a series of illustrations that were flowed into the layout of articles.
Ambient media : The campaign was displayed in over 230 sites on the London Underground. A special tactical emphasis was placed at Westminster station, with political stakeholders and party conferences in mind.

Rebrand and positioning for DONG Energy for Business

As well as creating an offshore wind campaign for DONG Energy UK, its subsidiary group, DONG Energy for Business, wanted to develop a sound brand strategy. The tactical marketing plan would target its key audiences; in particular the I&C market.

DONG Energy acquired Shell Gas Direct in 2012. Despite impressive growth, its gas sales business (DONG Energy Sales) was relatively unknown in the UK I&C market.

Moodboards : A distinctive look and feel was developed to represent DONG Energy's revived value statements.
Print collateral : A number of printed materials were produced for the sales team. The look and feel aligns seamlessly with the new website. Strong use of white space enhances the graphic devices and gives DONG Energy for Business a clean, contemporary look and feel.

To align with the business marketplace and target the right customers, we renamed the brand “DONG Energy for Business.”  This decision was informed by extensive research with an SEO agency, which revealed that target clients’ search terminology focused on business-related terms.

DONG Energy for Business can separate itself from the Big Six in the public eye. Where the Big Six are perceived to be faceless, DONG Energy for Business is approachable and transparent in its costs. We harnessed this as a differentiating factor through the combination serious, consultant-style imagery with a personable and fresh tone of voice.

Print collateral was created in conjunction with DONG Energy for Business’ Sales team. This ensured that the team was able to target potential customers at key events.

With its strategic re-positioning and striking new brand identity, DONG Energy for Business is now firmly placed in the UK I&C market. Segmenting information through three distinct pages targets the right customers.

WORDS: firedog