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DJ Download.com is a dance music MP3 download service set up by DJs and clubbers for DJs and clubbers. The service launched globally in February 2005.

Development of a global music icon

Firedog developed the branding, website front-end design, primary branding applications, marketing brochure, advertising and a set of watertight brand guidelines for the global launch of the music technology brand.

Brand conceptual thinking : We were interested in creating a memorable brand which could occupy a unique space in the sector. Very early on we struck upon a download type arrow being the backbone of the brand.
Promotions gear : The owners of the brand also capitalised on the quirky nature of the icon by applying it on to a raft of DJ gear.

Our branding was created to reflect current street culture. The DJ Download logotype was designed with the view to being a clear, bold and contemporary design with the download arrow being the backbone of the DJ Download brand. DJD own this visual treatment and have created instant visual recognition for their brand by the consistent application of the visual identity. DJ Download are experiencing strong sales in spite of the fact that they were late to market.

After a number of years performing at a steady growth, the brand was acquired by Juno Records for an undisclosed sum.

E-commerce concept

We pro-actively suggested a strong visual treatment for the online music outfit. We noted that the target audience for the site was predominantly digitally experienced, and thus we designed a visual language which fitted aesthetically into that realm.

Digital front end : We worked together with the DJDownload team, assisting them on creating a unique online environment, inspired by rack mounted musical kit.

The typical digital music fundi often tinkers around with various music software and a number of these tools use a mock hardware interface. We decided that the site would benefit from a “rack-mounted” modular approach and thus structured content according to it’s position on this virtual piece of hardware.

The design visual was passed on to the DJ Download web build partners as a concept. The build today, whilst visually quite different, still maintains the “rack” design mnemonic.

WORDS: firedog