Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a global financial service company with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The bank employs more than 100,000 people in 74 countries, and has a large presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the emerging markets.

A brainy campaign in search for top talent

Deutsche Bank’s Employer Brand and Marketing Department tasked Firedog to create a graduate recruitment campaign to target students on campus around the UK.

Even though a great number of students apply every year, the problem facing Deutsche Bank was how to target the ‘cream of the crop’. Firedog needed to create an engaging vehicle to create on-going dialogue and a relationship with students at key university campuses around the world.

After researching current trends in business and generation Y, Firedog created the concept of the Carbon Credit Challenge, formulating the overarching strategy, messaging and design and build of an online game and supporting marketing campaign.

User centred design : The primary game screens were all carefully mapped out and planned taking into consideration the game logic operating below the surface.
Game design : Following the big idea, the first task is to knuckle down and do some serious planning around architecture and functionality.

The primary objective was to develop a game that students would play in order to stand a chance win a prize. We developed the concept, heavily researching carbon finance together with Deutsche Bank’s Carbon trading desk. Once the initial design concept had been developed, we began with content planning, wireframes and game modelling. We delivered all design, bespoke campaign imagery plus full copy and messaging for both the game and supporting marketing campaign.

Rolled out in the UK for two years running then Asia-Pacific and American regions

Firedog created an administrative area which provided fingertip control to the Deutsche Bank team, giving instant access to game and user statistics. It was then very simple for the team to track user activity and target their communications accordingly.

Deutsche Bank has considerable green credentials and the Carbon Credit Challenge helps communicate this to a ethical student audience. The game also benefits students, who receive the opportunity to understand how the global carbon trading system actually works, whilst encouraging the most competitive and highly driven students to take part. We built the game using .NET and Flash technologies.

WORDS: firedog