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Customer Feedback Systems (CFS).

Re-brand European and Middle Eastern divisions • Apply new brand to primary branding applications • Re-design and build new company website for Europe & Middle East • Create a memorable tech-sector brand in line with CFS brand values.

We created a brand marque in 3D that offered an animation sequence.

The new branding aimed to dovetail with their technology product offer to the marketplace. The re-brand was well received by their clients, partners and investors and CFS continues to sign-up clients to their proprietary technology.

website design

Part of the Firedog branding project for London client, CFS. A clean and simple site which utilises a fresh palette and graphic line drawings to clearly communicate the offer.

The imagery and the photography on the site are mainly representations of the actual customer feedback system. This helps communicate the feedback process.
A clear and easy to use digital addition – designed to convey the professional image of the brand.

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