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British Racing School

The British Racing School is one of the best jockey schools in the world. Offering a range of courses, the charitable trust is a Centre of Excellence for training in the racing industry.

A best in breed responsive site for Britain’s most respected racing school

The existing site failed to reflect the world class reputation of the School. It needed to be more interactive and engaging, whilst conveying the educational aspect and hard work involved. The client also wanted an even target audience gender mix.

We have drastically improved the sites goal conversion along with raising organic search by 40%

We condensed the site, removing all unnecessary pages.  This enabled us to create a more bespoke navigation system, helping the target audience find the information they are searching for.  The target audience is young people who are interested in racing but are unsure of which role to pursue.  We created a new section that acts as a career guide. Combining the courses and jockey training sections and introducing a filter option also helped make the site more accessible.  The initial site was not responsive for mobile and tablet devices. It is now fully responsive, increasing both flexibility and interactivity. To appeal to the younger audience, we displayed relevant and interesting facts in punchier, more engaging ways.

Planning : Before starting the build process, the site is mapped out in full. The elements of the site that interact with each other are realised in theory.
Interactive Wireframe : Time to turn theory into practice. We built an interactive wire frame that our client is able to use as a proof of concept and gain an understanding of how the site will eventually come together.

The site has been highly improved; it now only displays relevant content and is much more engaging. The filtering option for courses and online survey both help guide prospective applicants to their recommended career in racing. The results are promising. Not only have we raised organic search by 40%, we have also allowed for much higher mobile usage with a swathe of responsive work – with mobile users spending 31% more time on site.

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