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Bouygues UK

Bouygues UK is a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group, a global leader in construction and services. In 2010, Bouygues UK had an annual turnover of £200 million. Originating in France circa 1952, the Bouygues Group now has diverse operations in over 80 countries with sales in excess of 30 billion Euro’s.

A strategic rebrand for a French multinational

Firedog originally started talking to Bouygues UK about simply producing a new corporate brochure. Very early on, with the input of a new Marketing Director from client side – it was decided that a much deeper strategic and creative process was required. Bouygues UK are more than equal to their bigger competitors but awareness of the brand did not reflect this. Firedog were to redefine the Bouygues UK brand, researching current value propositions and pushing them into their branded space and communications.

Firedog undertook qualitative research through a series of four brand workshops across a team of approximately 30 internal staff across varying departments. In addition, we ran a quantitative digital research program through the remaining 200 or so employees. Key measurements were around the European heritage and how this legacy could be harnessed as a defining value proposition. Very early on we discovered the proud nature of the brand’s heritage. Our brand strategy was to extract these values and push them to the wider market, with a view to creating a real point of difference for Bouygues UK amongst their competitors.

Striking imagery : Bouygues UK imagery quality is very high and really shows the superior level of product. We wanted the site to reflect this attention to detail and made sure that impact was created by rendering these assets in a bold way.
Dynamic project library : Using tagging ontology, we enabled the in-house marketing team to tag and create an immersive project library. For the users in the front end, this enables them to browse key work according to their own preferred journey.

We advised on digital strategy, produced online site blueprints and wireframing, and created the subsequent front end design and visual identity. We supported this with a number of photographic shoots to bring the Bouygues UK team to the fore (A core Bouygues value being the strength and capability of their people).  Following sign off, we developed a comprehensive CMS system built on the WordPress platform. The easy to use and scalable system has been further customised to allow Bouygues UK to fully manage all their project imagery and information, coupled with tag and category ontology which allows the front end user to really drill down on both localized and international project information.

On the strength of the website delivery, Firedog continues to support Bouygues UK and is involved in the development and strategy behind a number of marketing and communication projects.

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