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Aquaterra is a charity funded by Islington Council that endeavours to develop and sustain healthier, happier and fitter communities. The charity manages leisure centres across the UK.

A best in field sports site for Aquaterra

Aquaterra’s existing website was extremely hard to navigate, with duplicate pages and redundant data. Our task was to increase site functionality by presenting it in a user-friendly way, making Aquaterra accessible for all. We were tasked in the creation of a mobile first community HTML 5 website. Content was curated depending on user’s location and interests for an audience ranging from young children to senior citizens.

60% of visits are reaching goals within 1 click, compared to a previous 40%.

A diverse audience uses Aquaterra’s site: it was therefore paramount that the UI was very strong for all users. We primarily achieved this through simplifying the entire look and feel of the site, employing large typography and outlining key information to increase task completion. Furthermore, we developed a solution whereby the content was automated according to sport preference and location. We also wanted to represent data in a way that was compatible with the medium used. On the phone app, 20 columns were reduced to just a couple in order to optimise usability and mobile usage has increased significantly. In addition to this, we made the graphical interface including functional buttons much bigger.

Authoring : The website was to be used and populated by a number of authors. We created standardised publishing templates which enabled the authors to bring together previously disparate content within an easy to understand framework
Content : We built complex content relationships utilising custom post types and taxonomies

Social interaction and sharing have been significantly improved and users complete their goals much quicker. Before, it wasn’t uncommon for users to visit more than 20 pages on a single visit. Now, 60% of visits are successful within 1 click, compared to a previous 40%. Furthermore, greatly improved SEO leads to quicker site usage.  Finally, the entire site now promotes more relevant content via smart tagging and taxonomy design.

WORDS: firedog