Ann Maurice

Ann Maurice is a Californian TV celebrity famed for her ‘House Doctor’ show

After taking part in the TV show ‘Interior Rivalry’, Firedog was asked to create a brand identity for Ann Maurice.

To create a brand identity for Ann Maurice that would not only represent a stylish interior designer, but was easily transferable across a range of sub brands.


Firedog felt we needed to capture the home environment by the use of a hand rendered identity device that built upon the equity of Ann as a signature interior designer brand.

The red ‘swish’ signifies a designer touch and creative flair, while remaining abstract enough to give a feeling of creative diversity. It was vital that the audience feel there are no limitations with the brand so Firedog deliberately moved away from photographic visuals.

The brand is a true reflection of the stylish and contemporary nature of the key stakeholder.

WORDS: firedog